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Boletín Humanitario Mensual - Septiembre 2013

In this issue

  • Conflict in Colombia claims almost 6 million victims
  • Ombudsman’s Office: around 1 million people at risk of human rights violations
  • Humanitarian Situation Risk Index updated
  • Negotiations affect protests and blockades
  • FARC-EP and PDAGs cause mass displacements on Venezuela border
  • Serious conflict on Venezuela border and Pacific coast
  • Non-State armed groups continue to use and recruit children
  • IOM publishes migration trends for Colombia
  • Discussion on the problem of illicit drug crops touches on humanitarian issues
  • Nearly 40,000 affected by second rainy season
  • Humanitarian Financing: Two new Emergency Response Fund (ERF) projects to launch in Norte de Santander and Putumayo
  • Humanitarian Programme Cycle Planning: Humanitarian Needs Overview 2014
  • Stories from the field: "Sometimes it’s worth asking"
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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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17 Oct 2013
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Humanitarian Bulletin
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