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Ground Truth Solutions Consultant in Chad

Ground Truth Solutions (GTS) is looking for a consultant to work on a one-year project in Chad. The aim of this project is to strengthen accountability to affected populations and applying the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) in the humanitarian response in Chad. GTS will systematically collect and analyse feedback from affected people on key dimensions of humanitarian performance linked to the CHS, as well as develop capacity within the HCT to take on this role at the end of the project. The position will be based in N’Djamena and we are interested in people already based in Chad, with extensive experience on the ground.

GTS provides humanitarian agencies with direct feedback from people affected by crisis. GTS’ approach is to systematically collect the views of affected people on key aspects of humanitarian programming. It provides humanitarian agencies and donors with real-time information from people at the receiving end of aid. The aim is to use feedback to improve programmes while also empowering people to express their views.

Ground Truth Solutions
Original Publication Date: 
18 Jan 2018
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Accountability to Affected Populations
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