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Cameroon : WASH Cluster | Northwest and Southwest Operational Presence - 5Ws as of September 2019

21 active partners are working in NW-SW Cameroon comprising 16 national

NGOs, 4 international NGOs, and 1 UN agency. Within the 4 active sub sectors-

Hygiene Promotion, Sanitation, WASH Kits, and Water Supply- there are more

than 11 projects in September 2019. The majority of activities are focused on

Fake, Mezam,and Bui divisions.

Operation(s)/ Webspace(s): 
United Nations Children's Fund
Original Publication Date: 
05 Nov 2019
Map/Infographic Type: 
Operational Presence
Coordination hub(s): 
Bamenda Coordination Hub
Buea Coordination Hub
Cameroon: North West and South West Crisis 2016-2020