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CAMEROON Far-North - Operational Presence, December 2020 [EN]

64 humanitarians are active in the Far-North region comprising 21 national NGOs, 17 international NGOs, 12 government, 4 Red Cross movements, 2 faith based organizations and 8 UN. There are 1.2M people in need and 1M targeted. There are
8 active sectors; Food Security, WASH, Health, Nutrition, Education, Protection2, Early Recovery, and NFI/Shelter. 80% of the activities are located in Logone and Chari, Mayo-Sava and Mayo-Tsanaga Divisions.

Operation(s)/ Webspace(s): 
United Nations Children's Fund
United Nations Department of Safety & Security
United Nations Development Programme
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
United Nations Population Fund
World Food Programme
Original Publication Date: 
05 Feb 2021
Map/Infographic Type: 
Operational Presence
Coordination hub(s): 
Maroua Coordination (Kousséri)
Maroua Coordination Hub
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