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SWNW Child Protection Secondary Data Review

“ This document has been produced based on a secondary data matrix compiled by the Global Child Protection Area of Responsibility (CP AoR) using the Minimum Standards as an analysis framework. All data points are citations from the secondary data matrix which have been compared and interpreted, but not triangulated or verified. The information presented in this document covers a period of 3 years (from 2016 to March 2019). The data collected covers mostly both Anglophone regions (North West and South West regions), where the crisis is taking place, and the Littoral and West regions. The figures mentioned include data collected by research carried out by international organizations, non-governmental organizations, academia, or by the national and regional press"

Child Protection AoR
Original Publication Date: 
12 Jun 2019
Document type: 
Analysis Report
Cameroon: North West and South West Crisis 2016-2019