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Coordinating Child Protection in Humanitarian Action
In times of crisis – whether caused by armed conflict, a sudden-onset disaster or an epidemic – children face significant protection issues. We lead and coordinate child protection efforts in humanitarian settings (defined as Humanitarian Coordinator and Early Warning contexts). Our aim is to ensure that girls and boys are protected from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence.
What we do
Children in humanitarian settings are at risk of injury and disability, physical and sexual violence, psychosocial distress and mental disorders. They may be separated from their families, recruited into armed forces, economically exploited or come into contact with the justice system.
We ensure that the efforts of national and international humanitarian actors to protect children are well coordinated, achieving maximum quality and impact.
How we do it
Geneva-based coordination staff and the Rapid Response Team provide support to field level child protection coordination groups. More specifically, the Rapid Response Team provides high quality, rapidly deployable child protection coordination and technical capacity in humanitarian situations.


Barbara JAMAR
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
Chief Child Protection