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Nigeria: Banki Inter-agency Assessment (Bama, Borno), June 2016

Rational and purpose The need for this assessment is based on several reports indicating a serious humanitarian situation where people are dying on a daily basis. Humanitarian partners form Nigeria cannot access the area due to insecurity and ongoing military operations; it is thus proposed to access Banki from Cameroon. The purpose of the assessment is to: • get information on the scope and severity of the crisis; • get initial and first-hand information of priority needs of affected people; • identify the most vulnerable groups; • evaluate the possibility for a rapid response (cross-border, etc.) • serve as basis for more in-depth sector assessments. Scope Geographic scope: The assessment will target the town of Banki located in the Borno State in Nigeria alongside the border with Cameroon (GPS Coordinates: 11.255268, 14.147537). Thematic scope: Multi-sector rapid assessment with focus on internally displaced people and local communities in Banki. Due to the bad security situation, the mission can stay in Banki only a few hours and hence the questionnaire will be very short. This rapid needs assessment will not replace more in-depth sector evaluations.
Methodology This assessment will include the following steps: • Review of existing press articles, reports and information by humanitarian partners; • A 1-day field assessment to collect primary data and to get first hand impressions through visit of affected areas and interviews with key informants and affected communities. Tools: Direct observation by sector experts
Key findings: 
The Nigerian border town of Banki, lies 2½ KM from Cameroon, in the State of Borno and was controlled by Boko Haram starting from September 2014, before the Nigerian army regained control a year later. Local residents have been fleeing throughout this time and the town is now deserted except for the military forces and some fifteen thousand internally displaced people. The military are providing security for the town and surrounding area. They provide the bare minimum in terms of water, food, and health care to the displaced population. The houses in Banki are abandoned or have been destroyed or damaged by fighting. The main street, once a thriving commercial area with cross-border trade, is now empty and shows signs of looting. Local authorities are not present and no public, social, or commercial services are operational – including police, schools, health centres, and markets.
Assessment Report: 
Assessment Questionnaire: 
Not Available
Assessment Data: 
Not Available
Assessment Date(s): 
28 Jun 2016
Report completed
Population Type(s): 
All affected population
Leading/Coordinating Organization(s): 
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Participating Organization(s): 
World Food Programme
United Nations Children's Fund
International Organization for Migration
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
United Nations Department of Safety & Security
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