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Initial Flood Assessment Siempang district

This is a preliminary & rapid assessment for the IDP’s and the ground situation, following flood disaster in Stung Treng province caused by the collapse of the dam in Laos declared as emergency. The context was bit challenge other than usual explore mission due to , Election on the 29th July, PH, weekend , staff on holiday or wait to complete their votes.
- Short interviews with local authorities, Health Centre officer in charge, their representatives and IDPs and villagers. - Medicals consultations with Health Center staff support, in the 2 IPD camps visits - Meetings with humanitarian actors on ground. - GPS, GSM, two Vehicles (Toyota 4x4 Pickup and LC ) and boat.
Key findings: 
From local authorities (PHD, PCDM and district administration): 600 Armed forced were deployed in the district to support the evacuation and settlement of safety sites. There are 3 current and main “safety “sites with evacuated people. There are many others sites with smaller numbers and isolated family evacuated in their rice fields. - Site 1 is on a hill: Koh Tun Say/ evacuated from Ocha village 45 family at the beginning, grow up to more than 200 family - Site 2: Prey Kuy/ evacuated from Sre-SamBo commune 25 family at the beginning, grow up to more than 74 family, mostly ethnic minority - Site 3: Prey Ta Teap evacuated from Sre-SamBo commune Around 20 family at the beginning, grow up to more than 74 family - Site 2 and site 3 are in the other river side (and upstream of Siem Peng), it belongs to Sre Samob HC In site 2 and 3: some people start to get back home. - Already distributed by local authorities: o 400 mosquito nets o 460 tents o 20 mats, 30 cottons, 200 Jerian’s, 5000 plastics bags Health response already provided by OD situation (from meeting report with PHD on 30/08) - Mosquito nets distribution: (1/per more than 15yo) + special for baby - Wash kit with Chloramine 1000 tabs (10 capsules/tab) distributed: 5 tabs/family = around 635 family covered (1 capsule provided 20L clean water) for medium period… o No further stock following the distribution, but request done o Size of a family not standardized definition o Not sure that people will follow the instructions to properly use the tablets. - Vaccinations: 100 children under 5YO vaccinated (Measles and Polio) - General consultations: o 2 cases of Malaria reported (among 11 villages + 335 people screened on symptoms then referred to HC Siem Peng for RDT) - treatment available at HC level (supported by Malaria consortium) o Pregnant women: no numbers: consultations done, one transferred for delivery to district hospital - Health messages (Malaria, snake bite, sanitation…) - PHD meeting reveal no challenges at this stage (Monday 30th): o No medications ruptures o Health staff deployed on safety sites o Referrals: Transport: ambulance available at HC level – boat transport fees support by MC and Mouru
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Assessment Date(s): 
28 Jul 2018 to 02 Aug 2018
Report completed
Population Type(s): 
All affected population
Displaced population
Host communities
Leading/Coordinating Organization(s): 
Médecins Sans Frontières
Siem Pang