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IOM Tanzania: Weekly transportation and relocation - From February 6 to February 12, 2017

  • 4,070 new arrivals (2,124 males and 1,946 females). This were composed of 3,842 Burundians and 228 Congolese. Busiest receiving points for the week were Mabamba (839 pax), Kabanga (580 pax) and Kigadye (506 pax).
  • A total of 1,295 people (627 males, 668 females) at Lumasi and Manyovu transit centers were relocated to Nyarugusu and Nduta camps. Additionally, 271 pax were transported from Mtendeli to Nduta to reunite with their family members.
  • IOM’s fit-to-travel medical screening revealed that the top five medical conditions among the transported persons for this week were: malaria, conjunctivitis, upper respiratory tract infections, skin infections, and moderate acute malnutrition.
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International Organization for Migration
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12 Feb 2017
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Situation Report
Tanzania, United Republic of
Refugees and Returnees