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IOM Tanzania Burundi Influx - Weekly Report from 28 August to 03 September, 2017


  • There were 244 new arrivals (128 males and 116 females). With the exception of 1 southern Sudanese, all the rest were Congolese Asylum Seekers. The entry points were Kigadye (242 persons), Kilelema (1 person), Kyerwa (1 person) during this week.
  • 308 Congolese Asylum Seekers (149 males, 159 females) were additionally relocated from Manyovu transit center to Nyarugusu camp.
  • IOM’s fit-to-travel medical screening revealed that, the top five medical conditions among the transported persons during this week were: malaria, skin infections, upper respiratory tract infection, genitourinary disorders, and acute watery diarrhoea.
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International Organization for Migration
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04 Sep 2017
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Situation Report
Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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