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Age and Disability Working Group (ADWG)

The Age and Disability Working Group (ADWG) is a technical working group founded by Handicap International-Humanity & Inclusion (HI), CBM, the Centre for Disability in Development (CDD), and HelpAge International (HAI) to ensure the humanitarian response for Rohingya crisis is inclusive for men, women, boys, and girls with disabilities and older persons, In line with the Protection Sector’s  Protection Mainstreaming and Age, Gender, and Diversity (AGD) Strategy, ADWG under the umbrella of the Protection Sector provides technical guidance and support to ISCG sectors in order to ensure age and disability inclusion throughout the response.

Click here to access resources and documents developed by the ADWG.

S. M. Kamrul Islam
+880 1715 415 710
Maggie H. Sun
+880 1870 722 141
Shah Mohammed Dedar
+880 1920 069 020