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ACAPS & NPM Analysis Hub : Situation Overview and Summary Indicators (NPM SA Round 9)

Following an outbreak of violence on 25 August 2017 in Rakhine State, Myanmar, a new massive influx of Rohingya refugees to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh started in late August 2017. Most of the Rohingya refugees settled in Ukhia and Teknaf Upazilas of Cox’s Bazar, a district bordering Myanmar identified as the main entry area for border crossings.

The NPM Site Assessment (SA) collects information about number, distribution and needs of the overall Rohingya population. It does not collect information on the entire Rohingya population in Bangladesh, but in Cox’s Bazar district only. The NPM SA covers all sites where Rohingya refugees have been identified irrespectively of the location type or their proximity to Bangladeshi host communities.

International Organization for Migration
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15 Apr 2018
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Humanitarian Update
Cox'S Bazar
Humanitarian Assistance
Needs Assessment
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Cox's Bazar
Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Crisis 2017-2018