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About the GBV Sub Sector in Cox's Bazar

The Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Sub Sector coordination structure in Cox’s Bazaar was established in May 2017. Since 25 August 2017, this structure has been reinforced and expanded to respond to the needs of the massive influx of the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

The GBV Sub-Sector ((led by UNFPA) operates alongside the Child Protection Sub-Sector (led by UNICEF) within the Protection Sector (led by UNHCR). The Sub-sector participates with other humanitarian sectors in the Inter-sector Coordination Group (ISCG).

The Gender-Based Violence Sub-Sector in Cox’s Bazar is comprised of more than 60 standing member organizations; including, UN, INGO, NNGO and government agencies operating in the Rohingya refugee camps and the surrounding affected host community locations. The sub sector works to prevent and respond to Gender-Based Violence through strengthening community-based GBV programming. The key strategic objectives of the Sub-Sector include
1) ensuring access to quality multi-sector GBV response services for survivors,
2) building capacity of GBV service providers and other stakeholders to deliver quality care in line with best practices and minimum standards for humanitarian settings;
3) enabling active participation of affected communities in GBV awareness raising, response, prevention and risk mitigation.
4) enhancing GBV risk mitigation across humanitarian sectors and with the government, and
5) strengthening co-ordination and planning for sustainability of the GBV response.

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GBVIMS Toolkit

CxB GBV Key Contacts

Nkiru Igbokwe
GBV Sub-Sector Coordinator (interim)
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

Mohita Joshi
GBV Sub Sector IM Coordinator
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)