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WASH Sector 2018 Strategy

WASH Strategy

The WASH strategy addresses the water, sanitation and hygiene promotion needs of displaced population and host community. To address the needs of the sector through sustaining and expanding levels of service as well as reducing the risk, and mitigating the effects of the water related diseases, the strategy must consider a number of factors: the cost-effectiveness, direct impact, operation and maintenance, and synergy with other sectoral interventions in addition to the long-term benefits, when prioritising the interventions. With these considerations in mind, the WASH Cluster has selected 3 objectives (water, sanitation and hygiene) which are contributing the strategic objectives of the response plan:

Provide life-saving basic assistance in settlements, camps and host communities    
Improve conditions in and management of both existing and new settlements, including infrastructure and site planning
Promote safety, dignity and respect for the individual rights of Rohingya refugees

WASH Sector - Cox's Bazar/Bangladesh
Original Publication Date: 
03 Mar 2018
Document type: 
Strategic Response Plan
Coordination hub(s): 
Cox's Bazar
Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Crisis 2017-2019