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"Our Thoughts" Rohingya share their experiences and recommendations

For months, if not years, many Rohingya in the camps have continuously reported that they are unable to provide meaningful input into decision-making within the response and have their thoughts heard. In late 2020, the IOM Communicating with Communities (CwC) and ACAPS-NPM teams decided to undertake a large-scale exploration of Rohingya thoughts and perspectives. Three years after the influx, this report is a critical exploration of accountability and inclusiveness in the humanitarian response. The research sought to go beyond ‘whether Rohingya people are consulted’ to understand Rohingya thoughts on the response and how they feel treated by response actors.

Operation(s)/ Webspace(s): 
Assessment Capacities Project
International Organization for Migration
Needs and Population Monitoring
Original Publication Date: 
28 Apr 2021
Document type: 
Analysis Report
Communication with affected populations
Coordination hub(s): 
Cox's Bazar
Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Crisis 2017-2021