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Nutrition Cluster Monthly meeting minutes, 28 August 2019


NCCT will share the draft Child Feeding Guideline for feedback     

NCCT with interested cluster member will conduct a field visit to monitor the system after the piloting     

UNICEF will present on the piloting of the NIS during the next Cluster meeting.     

NCCT to monitor the HRP progress and advocate for Nutrition Response Funding.     

NCCT to call a TWG meeting on how to link the activities mentioned in the package with other sectoral implementers.     

NCCT to include the response package in the orientation agenda at district level     

Members will host district level orientation where IPHN and NCCT will support.     

NCCT  will share the last 4W for feedback.     

IPHN will send the request for F75 and F100 to UNICEF     

NCCT will circulate IPC invites    

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United Nations Children's Fund
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10 Sep 2019
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Meeting Minutes