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Monsoon Emergency Preparedness Response update - 7 August 2018

The reporting period was marked by a significant pause on heavy rains.  In the first 7 days of August 55 mm were recorded in Cox’s Bazar in comparison with 855.6 mm of the previous week. As the level of rain abates, large areas in the camps are dotted by pools of stagnant water that increase risks of Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD). The WASH Sector has implemented mitigation measures including desludging of latrines, decommissioning of facilities in high risk areas, hygiene promotion and additional ad-hoc water quality surveillance. Through the Early Warning Alert and Response System (EWARS), the Health Sector collects data on AWD, updating WASH Sector to trigger prompt mitigation actions. Based on the above data, expert teams assess and prioritize responses at the camp level.  

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Inter Sector Coordination Group - Bangladesh
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07 Aug 2018
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Communication Materials
Cox's Bazar
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Cox's Bazar
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