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Monsoon Emergency Preparedness Response update - 15 August 2018

During the reporting period no significant rainfall was recorded in Cox’s Bazar: this past week brought 29 mm of rain in comparison to 115.25 mm for the previous week. As expected, far fewer weather hazard incidents were recorded in the Rohingya camps: 69 individuals (16 HH) were affected by landslide and wind-storm incidents, versus 660 individuals (155 HH) affected the previous week by fire, flood, water-logging, landslide and wind-storm incidents. Taking advantage of the dry weather, relocation of families at high risk of landslide and flood continues; during the last two weeks a total of 963 individuals (236 HH) were relocated to Camp 4 Extension and Camp 20 Extension. Dry weather also allowed for increased risk mitigation activities.  For example, more durable improvements were made to the Army Road saddle immediately south of Camp 8W’s hospital, including soil retention walls, geotextile wrapping, planting, fencing, roadside drainage, road surface compaction and bricking. The Site Maintenance and Engineering Project (SMEP) recently tallied key accomplishments from 1st June through 14th August that highlight the important role this inter-agency team has played in emergency preparedness and response efforts: 43,740 sq. meters of new roads created, 83,362.50 sq. meters of existing roads repaired, 278,491.50 sq. meters of slopes stabilized, 81,651 sq. meters of new drainage, and 13,980 sq. meters of drainage repaired. 

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Inter Sector Coordination Group - Bangladesh
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15 Aug 2018
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Communication Materials
Cox's Bazar
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Cox's Bazar
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