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Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) by Humanitarian Workers directly contradicts the core values of humanitarian action and is a protection failure on the part of the aid and humanitarian community. SEA inflicts harm on those whom humanitarian worker is obligated to protect, as well as jeopardizes the credibility of all assisting agencies.
Working closely with partners and communities, Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) and UN country team (UNCT) has significantly stepped up its fight against SEA. This work is informed by, and taking place in tandem with, the work of related actors including the broader UN system, donors, and civil society organizations.

Deteriorating and widening insecurity continues to expose increasing numbers of people to life-threatening harm and injury, including risks of sexual exploitation and abuse. The rapid influx of humanitarian workers, and other service-related providers in affected areas, creates increased risks of SEA.

Women and girls continue to be at a greater risk of such violence due to displacement, the breakdown of social structures, a lack of law enforcement, the potential further entrenchment of harmful gender norms, and the loss of livelihood opportunities for both men and women in the community.