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Information management coordination context

Aligned to the IASC Operational Guidance on Cluster and OCHA Responsibilities in Information Management to harmonize and simplify reporting requirements, the Information Management Working Group (IMWG) brings together cluster Information Management Officers (IMOs) and other key partners to support the Inter-Cluster Coordination Team (ICCT) and the humanitarian community with information management products and services that underpin the Humanitarian Program Cycle (HPC).

Purpose: The IMWG is a multi-cluster, multi-stakeholder group that supports coordinated information management, collaboration on data management and standards, implementation and usage of common services and tools, and delivers information products to inform strategic and operational decisions related to the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.

Objective: Support the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) and ICCT to deliver on agreed priorities by serving as a forum for consultations, preparations and delivery of information assets, products, and services.

2017 HRP Reporting Tool