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AFGHANISTAN: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (April 2022)

  • Key Issues:

  • In April 2022, incidents of Interference in the implementation of humanitarian operations remained particularly high. Out of a total of 82 incidents reported, 43 incidents as follows: interferences with programing (25), beneficiary selection (7), staff recruitment (5), pressure to sign MoU (4), levy request (1) and beneficiary selection (1).
  • 18 instances resulted in a temporary halt or suspension of human activities for approximately half the month. Of note, DFA interfered with staff recruitment and requested to hire qualified staff that they will introduce. In Western region it is reported that one NGO cannot start their activities or hire staff unless a signed MoU by DFA. Moreover, the rental vehicle of some NGOs was stopped by DFA forces at check-posts and demands were made for 3 percent daily tax.
  • The HAG logged 27 incidents of Violence against humanitarian personnel, assets and facilities in April. ACG authored the highest number (18), followed by DFA (9). ACG also authored a series of robberies of humanitarian personnel in Kabul, Hirat, and Jalalabad cities, that resulted in injuries to two humanitarian staff. DFA continued to use violence mostly by detaining humanitarian workers. On 26 April, four humanitarian staff including a female were temporarily detained by GDI in Kandahar while they were conducting a monitoring visit.
  • Five incidents related to restriction of movement of humanitarian personnel, or goods were reported. Two female humanitarian staff were not allowed to go to the office at a checkpoint for not having Mahram accompanying them.
  • During April, the HAG recorded at least five incidents involving military operations and ongoing hostilities impacting humanitarian operations. In Jalalabad city, DFA forces searched multiple NGO compounds.
  • Physical access impediments linked to weather were reported (2), while heavy rainfall resulted in road closures.
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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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19 May 2022
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Humanitarian Snapshot
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National Level Coordination