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The Afghanistan Gender Based Violence Sub-Cluster was established as a national coordinating body to strengthen and enhance the efforts and activities of stakeholders in the country, in the prevention of and response to gender based violence (GBV). The objectives are to consolidate, coordinate, improve and support the activities of all relevant stakeholders in the prevention of and response to GBV within the context of humanitarian action in Afghanistan. Within the humanitarian setting, the AGBV SC shall target and prioritize GBV issues relating to most vulnerable or affected groups. The members of the Sub-Cluster meets both at the national and regional levels.

To ensure the safety of the members of the Sub-Cluster, no information about activities, meeting times or names of members are published on this page. If you want more information, please contact the GBV Sub-Cluster Coordinator, UNFPA.

Key Contacts

Ms. Elisa Cappelletti
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
GBV Sub-Cluster Coordinator
+93 72 926 1407
Ms. Terry Alovi
International Rescue Committee (IRC)
GBV Sub-Cluster Co-lead
+93 72 908 0466
Mr. Shafiullah Safi
Youth Health and Development Organization (YHDO)
GBV Sub-Cluster Co-lead
+93 77 838 8646
Mr. Mohammad Ali Fakur
Coordination of Rehabilitation and Development Services for Afghanistan (CRDSA)
GBV Sub-Cluster Coordination Associate
+93 73 001 6622