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About Education Cannot Wait (ECW)

Education Cannot Wait (ECW) was launched to transform the aid system that currently leaves behind 75 million of the most vulnerable children and youth on the planet. ECW is the first global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises designed to address the obstacles that have prevented humanitarian and development actors from delivering quality education in humanitarian crises. In 2018, ECW has contributed $134.5 million to education projects in 19 crisis-affected countries reaching 1 million children.

Afghanistan has been chosen as an Education Cannot Wait Programme fund recipient in 2019. A comprehensive multi-year proposal was finalized by partners in 2018 and has been endorsed by the Secretariat. The proposal targets 500,000 emergency affected children and has a budget of over $150 million USD. To date, SEED funds to the amount of over $12 million USD per year have been guaranteed to Afghanistan. The 2018 Education Cannot Wait (ECW) Multi-Year Resilience Program (MYRP) will target the most vulnerable emergency-affected populations in Afghanistan, with a particular focus on girls and displaced population.

ECW MYRP 2019 allocation documents

Please find below draft ECW MYRP Request for Proposals (RFP) documents. Please note that these are still draft and subject to change.

The ECW Facilitated Multi-Year-Programme, Afghanistan 2018-2021 programme document is available on request. Please be in touch with


Budgeting documents

Please find below documents on the standard supplies/kits and on CBE budgeting, which should be considered for supply planning and budgetting for ECW MYRP project proposals.

CBE budgeting documents

Standard kits/supplies documents