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The Eastern Region is comprises Kunar, Laghman, Nuristan, and Nangarhar provinces. Since January 2017, spontaneous return of undocumented returnees increased and remain a priority humanitarian issue. Compared to 2016 figures during the same period, 2017 return figures are significantly higher and more resources may be required should there be a spike in returns. Latest figures of undocumented returnees who settled in Eastern Region since January 2017 has surged to 18,450 people, this makes about 2,896 families. IOM reported that approximately 83% of the returnees from Pakistan are settling in Eastern Region especially Nangarhar Province. In 2016, a total of 26672 families were assessed and assisted in ER alone, this is nearly 200,000 people. Reports show that the overall profile of the returnees in Eastern Region shows that 89% prefer to settle in Nangarhar; 8% in Kunar and 3% in Laghman Hugely concerning is that the needs for undocumented returnees remain acute with already louder distress calls calling for harmonized assistance to all returnees. Current levels of assistance are much higher for the documented returnees compared to the undocumented returnees. Eastern Region is prone to natural hazards and man-made disasters largely dominated by seasonal floods, earthquakes, landslides and droughts as well as conflicts. This has created a fragile humanitarian situation on the population such as displacement, destruction of life and property, loss of livelihood and derailment of development initiatives. Humanitarian access to the population remains a challenge due to insecurity and remoteness of some rural areas in Eastern region.

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