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The rise of Urban displacement in Kabul - APC, February 2017

Background Information on KIS

• Overall were 53 sites, in 2015 reduced to 41 (12 were declared integrated)

• 7,175 families / 40,000 individuals, formed in 2002-2014

• Inhabitants are mainly economic migrants, poor population, IDPs, returnees,

• From almost all regions, the ethnic composition is; Jogi, Baloch, Tajik, Pashtun and Hazara.

• Living in tents, mud structures, abandoned buildings, built on government and privately owned land.

• Reasons for living in KIS; lack of durable solution/resilience building, landlessness, access to services/ job opportunities, no or less prospects for return, humanitarian aid turning into a pull factor.

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Original Publication Date: 
19 Mar 2017
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