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OCHA Afghanistan Weekly Field Report Week | 25 - 31 December 2017

Key Issues:

  • From 1 January to 31 December 2017, a total of 445,335 people were displaced due to conflict in Afghanistan, up by 7,428 people compared to the previous week. 
  • The number of IDPs in the Eastern Region has reached nearly 140,205 with more than 123,538 of them in Nangarhar Province, of which 64,513 are due to the recent October-onward Khogyani displacement. 
  • A 30-month girl has been diagnosed with polio in Shahwalikot district in Kandahar. 
  • In total, more than 39,708 families have received winterisation support and cluster partners distributed some 168,328 blankets and 8,335 sets of clothing. 
  • Eight health facilities were closed in Badghis Provinces, depriving approximately 100,000 people of health care services, as NSAG made demands on the BPHS implementer HEWAD to boost the capacity of clinics by adding trauma care services and additional medicines, as well as recruit NSAG members or NSAG recommended personnel in the clinics. 
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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02 Jan 2018
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