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OCHA Afghanistan: Humanitarian Bulletin | Issue 73 | 1 – 28 February 2018

OCHA Afghanistan: Humanitarian Bulletin | Issue 73 | 1 – 28 February 2018

Stories in this issue:

A cycle of Return, Displacement and Migration
Afghan citizens returning to their home country can become internally displaced within days.

More than 10,000 civilian casualties in 2017
A total of 10,453 civilian casualties were recorded by UNAMA in the past year: 3,438 people killed and 7,015 people injured.

International Women’s Day
On International Women’s Day, the United Nations drew attention to women left behind in many areas of development.

Humanitarian access and aid worker incidents
In February, two aid workers were killed and one was abducted. In early March, the Health Cluster registered a spike of incidents in relation to health facilities.

Information product partner survey results
Who are the readers of OCHA Afghanistan’s information products and what improvements do they want to see?

Donor Dialogue with Sweden
The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) sat down with OCHA to discuss donor perspectives and priorities on Afghanistan.

Humanitarian Funding Update
The Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) calling for US$430 million for 2018 is funded with $14.6 million to date.

Contributions to the CHF-Afghanistan in 2018
The CHF-Afghanistan has received $7.4 million in 2018. The Humanitarian Coordinator approved a CHF-Afghanistan-allocation of some $18.5 million for 23 projects.

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25 Mar 2018
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Humanitarian Bulletin