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Monthly Humanitarian Bulletin (September 2016)




  • Afghanistan is facing a humanitarian crisis with an estimated one million people on the move by the end of the year. It’s possible to avert this crisis: the Flash Appeal to support the thousands of vulnerable families returning from Pakistan outlines seven ways the humanitarian community will help.
  • IOM Afghanistan reports from Torkham border, noting that they project as many as 400,000 returnees may come back by 31 December.
  • Photographer Jim Huylebroek says when he was recently on assignment in Nangarhar he saw Afghan children recently returned from Pakistan showing signs of malnourishment.
  • UNHCR reports from their Kabul Encashment Centre, stating that in mid-2016, refugee returns to Afghanistan skyrocketed, with over 210,000 refugee returnees arriving as at early October.
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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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13 Oct 2016
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Humanitarian Bulletin
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