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Minutes Returnees Response Coordination meeting - Eastern Region (29 December 2016)

1. Update on ongoing Assessment & Response to Undocumented Returnees:

After a round of introduction OCHA quickly reviewed the response matrix and updated the info on the ongoing assessment, verification and response. A suggestion was given that a column should be added to the response matrix to indicate gap pertaining to the returnees not targeted for assessment/response. It was also discussed that IOM will take data from DoRR cash response and add it to the matrix or list of beneficiaries. It was agreed that SCI will target the same families being assessed and responded by SCI for winterization support as well.

2. CHF Monitoring Findings & Recommendations:

OCHA/Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU) informed that CHF funded projects have started cash distribution to the undocumented returnees after the verification. The HFU along with OCHA-ER team will be conducting Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) for the accessible districts and for inaccessible third party will be contracted. HFU shared concern regarding verification process and advised some steps and requested that agencies should make sure to that field staff are fully oriented on the decisions taking place in the RRC meetings. OCHA/HFU will have bilateral meetings with CHF funded project implementers. 

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29 Dec 2016
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Meeting Minutes
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