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Minute to OCT-Nuristan 08 February 2017 (Eastern Region)

Meeting Agenda:

1. Update on Ongoing Humanitarian Response at Barg-e-Matal.

2. Needs assessment in central and western parts of Nuristan

3. Discussion on DoRR-Nuristan notification about 500 IDP families affected due to current snowfall.

4. ABO. 

 After a round and short introduction, OCHA thanked the partners for the timely participation in the meeting and highlighted on Barg-e-Matal incident/avalanche as 18 household completely destroyed, took the lives of 53 and 25 people injured, However, some of the sources also indicated about 80 Households destroyed, 60 persons including women and children died and 33 persons injured (sources of information is Ministry of ANMDA). Moreover, OCHA-ER gratitude all the humanitarian efforts and health services delivering by IMC as the only humanitarian organization at the incident are and providing medical health services, provided rescue assistance and remained the only contact sources for the information sharing at area. The Incident site is very remote and inaccessible to the humanitarians as well as very hard geographical tern and only accessible by flights (ANA helicopters). The provincial authority including provincial governor visited area on 06 February and provided cash to the affected people as 20,000AFs to each injured person, while 50,000AFs were provided to the families lost the family member. On the second day (07 February) high delegation including president, Defiance Minster some government officials visited the Afsay village of Barg-e-Matal district, where the incident was strike and advised the Nuristan provincial authority (Provincial Governor) to provide additional cash to the incident affected people as 50,000Afs to each injured person and 80,000Afs to families lost their families members and 100,000Afs to those, whose houses completely destroyed. Local people from the nearby villages along with Boarder police were involved in the rescue operation, while IMC deployed two health teams with enough medical supplies on soon after the incident, supported by one additional health team deployed from Jalalabad along with medical utilities and 10 packages of NFIs from IMC and WHO and 1.5 MT food from MoD/ANA dispatched on the area (on the second day of the incident) by ANSF helicopters.

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08 Feb 2017
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Meeting Minutes
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