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Minutes IDP Coordination Meeting - Eastern Region (04 January 2017)

IDP- presentation and update on notifications, assessment and response during January to December 2016 

OCHA-ER presented the slide presentation titled the previous year key events, achievements, challenges and updates on notifications, assessment, response during the reviewed year (2016) as.

• 33,084 Families or 208229 individuals notified by DoRR Offices (NGR, KNR, LGN and NRT) to OCHA-ER • 23,400 families Assessed by joint Assessment teams of Humanitarian Organizations (UN-Agencies, I/NGOs and ARCS).

• 7428 Families 43,542 individuals identified as genuine IDPs and responded with NFIs, Food and Unconditional Cash

• General Rejection was 68%

Worthwhile to mention, the previous year we (IDP-response coordination) experienced number of the challenging events, but we all also enjoyed very good achievements as:

 Replaced IDP-TF and Introduced a Robust IDP-Response Coordination.

 Advocated for the needs assessment and response to the backlog and pending caseloads (about 12,000 families assessed and 767 families selected and responded through APA funded by UNICEF)

 Advocated for CHF funding and other donors to Assess & Respond to the identified needs.

 Maintained OCHA Data Tracking Sheet (DTS) with IDP data (Notifications, Assessed, Selected and Responded).

 Establishment of Pre-screening Committee Moreover, OCHA-ER highlighted on way forward and further strengthening the IDP response coordination, continues close cooperation with DoRR aiming to improve screening of notification and reduced the IDP rejection rate as well were expedite the response. 

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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04 Jan 2017
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Meeting Minutes
Internally Displaced People (IDPs)
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Eastern Region