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Minutes Ad_hoc_OCT_Meeting_Northern Region_Faryab_Province (18 December 2019)

Participants:  UNOCHA (chair), ACTED, DACAAR, SCI, UNICEF, and DoRR.

  • Agenda:
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • To discuss the assessment of the reported IDPs in Maymana city
  • AOB
  • Faryab: Faryab Ad_hoc OCT meeting was held on 18 December.
  • Main discussion points;
  • At the beginning of the meeting, OCHA appreciated the efforts of all inter-agency teams in terms of timely contribution to the assessment and response of IDPs in Faryab province. Then discussed the agenda and asked the head of DoRR to provide information for the recently reported families.
  • Head of DoRR, reported that over 190 families recorded during late November 2019 by their colleagues which were displaced due to the conflicts from (Pashtonkut, Almar, Shirintagab, Bilcheragh, Dawlatabad, Garziwan and Khwajasabzposh) districts to Maymana city.
  • OCHA reported that the conflicts or military operations have been caused to increase IDPs figures in the Andkhoy district. Therefore, OCHA proposed to the OCT members to include Andkhoy district’s IDPs to Faryab DoRR - database for pre-screening findings and better data management.
  • Head of DoRR requested all inter-agency teams to coordinate their every distribution at least 24 hours before the distribution.
  • Action Points;
  • Inter-agency teams (ACTED, SCI, WFP, DACAAR, and DoRR) agreed to start the assessment of the reported IDPs in Maymana city from Sunday 22 December.
  • ACTED tasked to follow with Andkhoy District Governor as well as other concerned colleagues to include in prior the IDPs to the Faryab DoRR database.

OCHA will follow with the expected organizations, to assure for timely coordination with DoRR.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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18 Dec 2019
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Meeting Minutes
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