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Meeting Notes of Development Partners and MoE meeting (13 March 2017)

1. NESP III – Status update and MoE Financing – USAID/MoE

 We expect to fully endorse it today. Once it’s endorsed we will send out a formal letter, donors will sign it and it will be sent to the MoE. Issue that we have is financing. We need clarity on the budget from the MoE. Many donors are not sure about their level of funding available for this. USAID is still waiting for guidance from Washington about funds for Afghanistan.

 MoE: we had discussions with MoF. There will be a little increase, but we are not very optimistic about that.

 WB: Recommendation: Operational Plan needs to be more specific on budgeting and sequence of activities – both should be reflected in annual plans of MoE. The ministry should use the Strategic Plan as a lobbying tool for more resources.

 UK: It is important that NESP beds well with OP to be realistically implemented.

 WB: It is expected that the new ARTF financing strategy will be presented in September of this year. The amount of $200 million funding is available.

 Dr. Arian: MoE met individually with donors to clarify their possible level of NESP funding (both on-budget and off-budget). GoIRA plans 33 billion Afs (increase of 5%) for operating budget and 14 billion Afs for development budget (14% decrease). New Women Economic Empowerment Program was launched for supporting women in rural areas. It will bring women to educational sector ($112 million for the next five years to recruit 30,000 women to become teachers).

 WB: The Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project of $400 million was launched a month ago, providing services to communities in both rural and urban areas. The Bank and the government are currently discussing additional financing to the CCPA that will include expansion of the existing schools mainly in areas of high returns and IDP concentrations. If any changes are made, they will be reflected in the Project Paper. There will be a mission of the CCAP on the week of March 19 to discuss the additional funding. Invite and agenda will be sent out to the relevant stakeholders and partners. The Bank can soon facilitate a presentation on the CCAP and education as one of the sectors covered under the project.

Suggestion: Briefing meeting for the donors will be useful. WB agreed to have it for those interested.

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19 Mar 2017
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Meeting Minutes