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ERM Protection Analysis Report May - July 2020


Dear protection partners,

We are pleased to share the ERM Quarterly Protection Analysis Report, covering 31 out of 34 provinces in Afghanistan for the period of May through July 2020. Key protection concerns identified during the quarter include:

Child labor: Child labor practices pre-existing to shocks of conflict, natural disaster, displacement and COVID-19 increasing in frequency and reducing in average age as a result of stressed household finances and a restricted overall economic environment.
Housing, land and property: Households residing in rental properties are facing additional risks of reduced savings, debt incurrence, and reliance on negative coping mechanisms to afford payments, along with risks of exploitation and eviction.
Gender-based violence: Reduced access to services for women and girls, particularly education and healthcare, due to strong gendered power dynamics exacerbated by shock and displacement.
Civil documentation: Lack of access to national IDs is resulting in reduced movement and access to services, as well as under enrollment of children in school.

For any questions on specific findings, please reach out to the ERM Protection Coordinator, Maija Butler ( ).

All best,

Protection Cluster Coordinators

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09 Sep 2020
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Analysis Report