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First Standard Allocation Strategy and Guidance (May 2016)

The Allocation Strategy

The Afghanistan Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) was established in January 2014 under the leadership of the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC). The objective of the CHF is to promote needs based assistance in accordance with humanitarian principles, to respond to the most urgent needs, and strengthen coordination and leadership of the HC.
The CHF enables a strategic response to address gaps in delivering priority actions in the 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan. This Allocation Strategy principally focus on actions to address rising conflict-induced acute humanitarian needs. The total amount of funding available for this allocation is c. $20 million.
The allocation will respond to three priority areas;
  1. Support emergency health and trauma care,
  2. Fulfill the immediate humanitarian needs of families newly displaced by the conflict,
  3. Strengthen coordinated humanitarian assessment processes, to ensure efficient use of limited financial resources.

The current ad hoc approach to multisector assessment of needs, and the lack of established routine sector data collection mechanisms continue to undermine comparative humanitarian needs analysis and prioritization. Humanitarian decision makers and donors are currently at risk of allocating resources based on an incomplete assessment of needs, potentially precluding the most vulnerable from being assisted.

Finally, the strategy maintains an Emergency Reserve of c. $5 million, to enable flexible response to new, unforeseen humanitarian emergencies. 2015 saw a 64% increase in IDPs and the fall of 23 district administrative centers - as well as the city of Kunduz itself. The risk is that the conflict may continue its spread and cause as many or more IDPs in 2016 as in 2015. As always Afghanistan also remains vulnerable to natural disasters, including earthquakes, floods, drought, crop disease and pests. Both these risks reinforce the importance of a strategically capable flexible fund to ensure an agile emergency response anywhere in the country.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
10 May 2016
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Humanitarian Financing