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CHF Afghanistan: Remote Call Campaigns - Guidance Note for Partners

With the establishment of a Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) in Afghanistan in 2014, the implementation of a comprehensive monitoring framework became essential. OCHA, as the Managing Agent of the contractual relationship with NGO partners, is responsible for ensuring CHF funded projects are properly managed and monitored.

OCHA's monitoring framework is based on the assumption that CHF funded partner organisations have adequate internal mechanisms to meet project management, monitoring and reporting requirements, and to generate quality performance information. These mechanisms are expected to be in line with the size of their operations and the nature of their organisation.

Building on and acknowledging the role of these systems, OCHA's monitoring framework only aims to ensure adequate verification of reported results at project level thereby contributing to increased accountability. While most of OCHA's project monitoring work is expected to be carried out in the field through direct monitoring; in order to gather additional information OCHA will also be undertaking remote call monitoring campaigns.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
31 Jul 2015
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Humanitarian Financing
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National Level Coordination