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CHF Afghanistan - First Allocation Strategy & Annexes (March 2014)

The Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) for Afghanistan was established in January 2014 under the leadership of the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC). The objective of the Afghanistan CHF is to promote needsbased assistance in accordance with humanitarian principles, to respond to the most urgent needs, and strengthen coordination and leadership through priority clusters and the HC.

The total amount of funding available for allocation to date to the Afghanistan CHF is US$20 million. This paper outlines the Allocation Strategy for the first round of funding available under the Afghanistan Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) in 2014.

The CHF Advisory Board met on 26 February 2014 to discuss the priorities for the first standard allocation for 2014. The allocation represents 5% of the total CHAP appeal for 2014 (US$406M). It is therefore defined with the objective to maximise the impact of funds where results can be measured, achieve value for money, and ensure coherence between prioritised sectors and, as appropriate, other sectors.

The following priorities were agreed upon:

  • Saving lives, treating injuries, and the treatment of acute malnutrition as immediate lifesaving actions to people affected by conflict;
  • Use of the CHAP 2014 Needs Ranking index and data to be released through the National Nutrition Survey to define the priority provinces for intervention;
  • Health and nutrition clusters to cooperate towards combined need assessments, analysis and proposals, and to vet projects with opportunities for integration of other sectors;
  • Reserve a fixed amount of funds for Afghan (national) NGOs to respond to unforeseen rapid-onset disasters.
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
01 Mar 2014
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Humanitarian Financing
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National Level Coordination