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CHF Afghanistan - Accountability Framework

With the establishment of a Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) in Afghanistan in 2014, the development of a comprehensive Accountability Framework is essential. As the level of operational, financial and reputational risks are considered to be substantial in Afghanistan; the CHF Accountability Framework will be based on a comprehensive risk management model which will aim to link principles of due diligence, performance and capacity assessment throughout the project cycle.

This document aims to provide an overview of the four pillars of accountability under the CHF Afghanistan; including capacity assessment of implementing partners and risk management, monitoring and reporting, evaluation and project auditing. The Framework once endorsed will serve as an operational manual defining how and when partners will be assessed and selected as CHF partners, what will be monitored and reported on, how and when, on what basis evaluations and audits will be carried out, who is responsible for each pillar of accountability, what key actions will be taken, and what resources are necessary for ensuring overall accountability.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
11 Mar 2014
Document type: 
Humanitarian Financing
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National Level Coordination