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Minutes OCT - Kunar Meeting - Eastern Region (05 January 2017)

Attendees: The meeting was chaired by ANDMA and attended by Directorate of public health, Directorate of Rural Rehabilitation IOM, ARCS and International Medical Corps.


Today on Thursday, 5th January, 2017 Kunar provincial ANDMA called an emergency meeting about the assessment and response of the affected families caused due to the current heavy rainfall. The ANDMA director welcomed and highly appreciated the active participation of different NGOs and government departments. He said that three houses are completely damaged and six houses are partially damaged in the districts of Marawara, Sarkani, Narang, Nurgal and Asadabad. He added that one woman has become martyr and one wounded in the district of Sarkani while one person wounded in Asadabad. In this perspective, he requested all the present members to show their items of assistance. So, it was told that that International Medical Corps can provide NFIs and tents, IOM can provide NFIs and winterization kits, ARCS can provide NFIs kits, DoRRD can provide winterization kits and ANDMA by itself can provide food packages and tents. It was decided that three teams will be made one for Marawara and Sarkani districts, one for Nurgal, Narang and Asadabad while the third team will do assessment and response to the affected people who have not informed ANDMA about their damages due to inaccessibility like Narai, Ghaziabad, Watapur, Asmaar and Dangam and it is forecasted that damages will have be occurred. In the first team ANMDA will be accompanied by International Medical Corps, in the second team IOM will be accompanied by DoRRD while in the third team ARCS will be accompanied by Relief International. 

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05 Jan 2017
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Meeting Minutes
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