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Afghanistan Nutrition Cluster Annual Report _ 2020

The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan remains the worst in the world. Forty years of war,
recurrent natural disasters and increasing poverty are devastating the people of Afghanistan.
The COVID-19 pandemic adds up to a crisis within a crisis with catastrophic consequences for
people’s health and income. Conflict continues to uproot thousands of people every year, driving
up humanitarian need and exacerbating already widespread needs. Humanitarian access to
some of the most vulnerable communities near to conflict points remains limited. Afghanistan
and its people continue to reel from the impacts of years of conflict, COVID-19 and limited of
development investment. The current humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is widespread and
severe, with a projected 18.4 million people in humanitarian need in 2021, up from 14 million
people in June 2020 and 9.4 million in January 2020 (Afghanistan HNO 2021)1.

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United Nations Children's Fund
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28 Feb 2021
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Annual Report
Accountability to Affected Populations
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National Level Coordination