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Afghanistan: Humanitarian Needs Overview (2019)

Humanitarian Needs Summary

Now entering the 18th year of crisis, humanitarian needs in Afghanistan show no signs of abating. A chaotic and unpredictable security situation, combined with a severe drought, have prompted an almost doubling in the number of people in need compared to this time last year, newly displacing more than 550,000 civilians and pushing 3.6 million into emergency levels of food insecurity. Today, 6.3 million people require some form of humanitarian and protection assistance including 3.7 million in severe and major need due to a convergence of factors arising from exposure to escalating violence, forced displacement, the loss of essential livelihoods and limited access to basic services.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
06 Dec 2018
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Humanitarian Needs Overview
Needs Assessment
Strategic Planning
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National Level Coordination