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The Accountability to Affected People Working Group (AAP WG) replaces the former Community Engagement Working Group and reflects the commitment by the Humanitarian Country Team, the Inter-Cluster Coordination Team and UN and NGO partners to be accountable across all sectors to the people of Afghanistan. The AAP Working Group supports the application of global and national commitments to accountability. It meets every other Monday at 2 p.m. Kabul time.

The Working Group embraces AAP as an active commitment by aid workers and organisations to be ethical and responsible to the communities they assist during and after crises. It is a recognition of people’s dignity, expertise and abilities. It requires humanitarian organisations to take account of people by listening to their views in all humanitarian programming phases and using that feedback to design and adjust programming; to give account by transparently and effectively communicating with people about assistance in formats and languages that people prefer; and to be held to account for aid workers’ conduct (particularly regarding Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, and for the quality, effectiveness and fairness of resources and programmes.

The Working Group's key functions are:

  • Coordination
  • Strengthen feedback/referral mechanism with a face-to-face communication channel
  • Provision of technical expertise
  • Capacity-building
  • Tools and indicators
  • Collective accountability data analysis
  • Collective message creation and communications with communities