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Community Engagement Working Group

Community engagement is the process of and commitment to sharing timely, relevant and actionable information to enhance informed decision making on the part of both affected populations and responders. A community engagement approach to humanitarian and development programming and operations ensures appropriate communication channels capture and disseminate information, complaints and feedback, ensuring the participation of communities in the response, the promotion of accountability, and the enhancement of relevant and timely programming.
Objectives: The Afghanistan Community Engagement Working Group (CEWG) will provide technical and coordination support to promote the integration of community engagement and accountability into the programme cycle in Afghanistan to promote informed decision making and enhancing local empowerment. The CEWG will support the promotion of collective community engagement and accountability within Afghanistan.
The Afghanistan CEWG promotes the inclusion of the following three core elements into the programme cycle:
  1. Two-way Communication: Use preferred approaches and mechanisms for: Information provision to communities; Information received from communities
  2. Participation of communities: Consultation; Building on/using local capacities
  3. Complaints, Feedback and Response Mechanisms (CFRM)


Key Contacts

Carolyn Davis
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
Accountability to Affected Populations Advisor