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The Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) – Afghanistan is one of OCHA’s Country Based Pooled Funds (CBPF) established in 2014 for swift and strategic humanitarian action in Afghanistan. Under the overall authority of the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC), the Fund is intended to give the HC greater ability to target funds to the most critical humanitarian needs, and enable efficient, rapid response to unforeseen emergencies. The HC receives support for the strategic and operational direction of the CHF from an Advisory Board, OCHA-Afghanistan, the Cluster Leads, the Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU), and an Administrative Agent.

The CHF is a strategic funding tool with three key objectives:

  • to support humanitarian partners (national and international NGOs, UN Agencies and IOM) to address the most pressing evidence-based needs in accordance with humanitarian principles;
  • to improve the relevance and coherence of humanitarian response by strategically funding assessed humanitarian action as identified in the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP)  process;
  • to strengthen coordination and leadership through the function of the HC and the humanitarian cluster system.

In close coordination with humanitarian clusters operating in the country, only humanitarian projects responding to needs identified in OCHA’s annual HRP are eligible for funding during a CHF Allocation. The HRP outlines the strategic and operational plan for the coordination of assistance by UN agencies and NGO partners in Afghanistan and is developed in consultation with the Clusters.

OCHA’s Grant Management System (GMS) is a standard online platform for the management of all CBPFs. CHF partners use this interface to submit project proposals and reports, and the HFU coordinates project review, monitoring and partner performance. The GMS Business Intelligence is a newly developed tool to display the data in meaningful and useful structure which will help user to analyse the ongoing business process with a consolidated view.

The HFU acts as the managing agent for the Fund, including allocation processes and oversight of the entire funding cycle from the opening of an allocation to the closure of projects, whilst providing technical support and policy advice to the HC and ensuring compliance with the minimum requirements outlined in the Global Guidelines for CBPFs,. With technical assistance from OCHA’s Information Management Unit, HFU also generates periodic public information products, updates and an annual report at appropriate stages during the year. In addition, CHF projects are often featured in the Monthly Humanitarian Bulletin distributed via webmail and the OCHA and Humanitarian Response Info Websites.

The CHF is administered by the Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office (MPTF Office) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in accordance with its financial regulations and rules. Donors contributing to the CHF Afghanistan sign a Standard Administrative Arrangement (SAA), which includes information regarding the terms, conditions, and payment modality of contributions, a standard agreement donors use to channel the funding to various UN Multi-Partner Trust Funds. In addition, MPTF maintains the publicly accessible GATEWAY with statements of donor commitments, deposits and transfers, and other financial information related to the CHF.

Additional information and resources on life-saving assistance through pooled funds managed by OCHA can be found here:

Key Contacts

Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU)
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) - Afghanistan
CHF Helpline: +93 (0) 79 300 11 39
CHF Complaints and Feedback
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) - Afghanistan
CHF Complaints and Feedback