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The Afghanistan Cash and Voucher Working Group (CVWG) is an inter-cluster technical working group set up to ensure Cash and Voucher Assistance(CVA) in Afghanistan are coordinated, follow a common rationale, are context specific and are undertaken in a manner that does not inflict harm or exacerbate vulnerabilities of the affected population. The working group was initially established in 2012 under the FSAC, but since 2014 it has become an inter-cluster working group which is overseen by the Inter-Cluster Coordination Team (ICCT). The working group is currently co-chaired by DRC and WFP.

The objectives of the CVWG are:

  1. Operational coordination of CVA amongst partners – including implementation standards and processes, common reporting platform, harmonized assessment and monitoring tools.
  2. Evidence-based advocacy and creating a community of practice on CVA – including through joint advocacy around national or private sector regulations impairing effective cash & voucher assistance; and information sharing on post-distribution monitoring (PDM) data and data on various CVA projects being implemented across sectors and partners.
  3. Mainstreaming of protection and accountability to affected population concerns in CVA.
  4. Capacity building of partners in CVA.