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The Afghanistan Cash and Voucher Working Group (CVWG) is a forum of practitioners from humanitarian organizations (NGOs and UN agencies) and donors that are either implementing or are interested in cash/voucher programs. The forum was initiated by Oxfam GB as the Cash and Voucher Based Interventions Working Group (CVBI WG) under the Food Security and Agriculture Cluster (FSAC) in 2012. The initiative was and continues to be supported under an ECHO funded ERM project to establish a coordination platform and harmonize cash based interventions in Afghanistan. In mid-2014, the CVBI WG shifted from a working group under the FSAC to a multi-sectoral Cash and Voucher Working Group, hosted by OCHA. The CVWG is currently chaired by NRC and co-chaired by WFP. The main objectives of the CVWG are to:

  • Share information, lessons learned and best practice on CBIs across various platforms;
  • Harmonize approach with regard to tools, vulnerability criteria, beneficiary selection, PDM, cash transfer amounts, and rationale for transfers;
  • Establish a common platform for engagement with Government (advocacy) and Private Sector (contracting);
  • Provide support to clusters wishing to engage in CBIs; 
  • Act as a forum for testing new methods of implementation.