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HEAT assessment for Undocumented Returnees in Behsud District of Nangarhar province (19 Oct 2016)


Joint need assessment of Undocumented Returnees in Behsud district of Nangarhar


Direct Observation

Key findings: 

The 187 affected families have repatriated from Pakistan due to force eviction. Although they have lived for many years in Pakistan but as a result of force eviction they left business, livelihood and other assets in Pakistan and came to their homeland. Now they are suffering from lack of Food items, NFIs (including winterization), and job opportunity. These families were assessed in October-2016 by members of all clusters (WASH, Protection, Food security, Shelter NFI, Health, and Education) jointly which was headed by UNOCHA. Later on the responsibility of providing NFI, Food, Winterization, Hygiene and tents for the affected returnee families in Behsood district of Nangarhar has been given to NRC, So, NRC started the verification of the reported families and recommended 187 families for NFIs (including Hygiene items), food, and winterization assistance as result of the first round of the verification..

Assessment Report: 
Assessment Questionnaire: 
Publicly Available
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Not Available
Assessment Date(s): 
12 Oct 2016 to 19 Oct 2016
Report completed
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Leading/Coordinating Organization(s): 
Norwegian Refugee Council
Participating Organization(s): 
Government of Afghanistan - Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation
Needs Assessment