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HEAT assessment for Undocumented Returnees in Surkhrod District of Nangarhar province (29 Oct 2016)


Joint need assessment of Undocumented Returnees in Surkhrod district of Nangarhar


Direct Observation

Key findings: 

After a recent clash between Afghan national security forces and Pakistani forces, the government of Pakistan closed the border and Pakistani police also started torturing Afghan refugees in Pakistan, captured Afghans and put them in jail; they closed their business, and didn’t let them to access any public services. So, the situation has made Afghan refugees to repatriate to their motherland.
Among the repatriates, those not having any documents are not treated as those having documents like POR (Proof of Registration). So, they face many problems both in Pakistan & Afghanistan. After coming to Afghanistan these families suffer a lot from lack of shelter, job opportunity, high expenditure, sicknesses and other tough life condition.
After an assessment conducted by many clusters in eastern region in the month of November, based on decision taken in coordination meeting, NRC started verification in Surkhrood district of Nangarhar province and verified 126 undocumented returnee families as eligible for emergency assistance.

Assessment Report: 
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Assessment Date(s): 
01 Oct 2016 to 29 Oct 2016
Report completed
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Leading/Coordinating Organization(s): 
Norwegian Refugee Council
Participating Organization(s): 
Government of Afghanistan - Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation
Needs Assessment