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Rapid SMART Assessment in Khugyani District of Nangarhar (9 January 2018)

To determine the nutritional status of vulnerable population mainly under five, pregnant and lactating women living in Khugyani district and to evaluate the need of emergency nutrition program.
The population assessed were inhabitants and IDPs living in group in the selected villages, meaning several settlements and the total of the households (host population and IDPs ) was above 200. As there was more than ONE settlement and the population was dispersed: two-stage cluster sampling was used. For the first stage, clusters/villages were randomly selected from a total list of villages using probability proportion to size (PPS) method.The number of clusters was fixed to a minimum of 25 with a minimum of 200 children (6-59 months) required. The second stage of methodology involved random selection of households from an updated list of households. The sample size of households to be surveyed was calculated using ENA for SMART software version 2011 (up dated 9th July 2015).
Key findings: 
The overall standard deviation (SD) for acute malnutrition, weight for height z-scores, was calculated at 1.15, with SMART flags, a SD that is within the acceptable range of values for SD, between 0.8 and 1.2. The plausibility check reported a percentage of values flagged with SMART flags:WHZ: 1.4 %, HAZ: 3.7 %, WAZ: 1.2. Among the surveyed children, boys and girls were equally represented (boys/girls ratio was 1.10 with p=0.361). The age ratio of 6-29 months to 30-59 months was 0.97 (the value should be around 0.85: the p-value = 0.039 for age distribution was significant difference), it means, there were younger children than older children in the sample size.
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02 Jan 2018 to 09 Jan 2018

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Agency for Assistance and Development of Afghanistan