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Nutrition and Mortality SMART Survey in Khost province (June, 2015)


To estimate crude death rate and under five death rate
To determine prevalence of acute and chronic malnutrition of 0-59 months children.
To determine IYCF practice for children 0-23 months
To determine the nutritional status of Pregnant and Lactating Women


SMART, RNA methodologies

Key findings: 

The prevalence of Global Acute Malnutrition, based on MUAC < 125-115 mm and / or oedema,
was 9.1 % (95 % CI: 6.3-13.0) and severe Malnutrition (MUAC < 115 mm) was 1.6 % (95 % CI:
1.0- 2.8).
The prevalence of Chronic malnutrition (HAZ < -2 Score) was 30.8 % (95 %CI: 26.8-35.0) and
severe stunting (HAZ < -3 score) was 12.2 % (95 % CI: 9.7-15.3), the results of the stunting in 3
districts of Khost indicated serious situation according to WHO classification.
The prevalence of underweight, based on WAZ < -2 score, was 19.6 % (95 % CI: 16.8-22.8) and
severe underweight (WAZ < -3 score) was 4.2 % (96 % CI: 2.9- 5.9). The results of underweight
are alert according to WHO classification.
The crude mortality rate (CMR) was 0.48/10000/day and under 5 years mortality rate (U5MR)
was 0.71/10000/day. Both the CMR and under 5 mortality rates are below the WHO alert
threshold 1/10,000/day and 2/10,000 respectively.
Although the survey did not collect information on the causes of death, informal interviews
with Health-net Afghanistan health management staff indicated that the main reason for high
death of children under the age of 5 years in Khost are due to diarrhea, measles outbreaks,
and pregnancy related complications.
The overall morbidity rate was 20.2% among children 0-59 months, including fever (13 %), ARI
(48 %) , Watery diarrhea (38%) and others diseases (1%)
The coverage of measles vaccination (Children 9-59 months) was 84.4 %. Only 25.4 % cases
were confirmed by cards and the other through the mother’s/ caregivers recall.
The coverage of BCG vaccination (children 0 – 59 months) was 87.5 %.
The survey indicates that the children in Khost province are under acute and chronic
nutritional stress, especially chronic malnutrition. These require of immediate and
appropriate public health interventions with focus on nutrition. The findings of this survey
have important implications for policy-makers, public health planners and organizations
seeking to meet national and international developmental targets.

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01 Jun 2015 to 30 Jun 2015

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Structured Interview
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Baseline data analysis
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Action against Hunger
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HealthNet TPO