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Nutrition and Mortality SMART survey in Ghazni province (February, 2016)


The surveys aimed to evaluate nutritional status of vulnerable population groups (under-five, pregnant and lactating women) in 12 districts of Ghazni province. This opportunity was used to collect also several additional data on risk factors likely to influence nutritional status of different groups such as Vitamin A supplementation, deworming in the last 6 months, crude and Under 5 death rates, coverage of measles and BCG vaccination and assess morbidity of children under-5 years, WASH and IYCF.
A detailed analysis and discussion of all the additional data will be presented in the final report.


A two-stage cluster following SMART methodology is applied. In the first stage random selection of clusters using probability proportion to size (PPS) was applied over a list of villages; villages being the cluster sampling unit. In the second stage, a simple or systematic random sampling of households from updated list of households was applied.

Key findings: 

622 households assessed with 1069 children under-5 and 723 women in childbearing age
 Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) prevalence based on Weight–for-Height Z-scores (WHZ) was at 10.3 % (8.2 - 12.8 95% C.I.) and Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) was at 3.2 % (2.0 - 5.0 95% C.I.) respectively. Prevalence of confirmed one case of oedema was at 0.1%.
 GAM and SAM prevalence based on Mid-Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) was at 14.3 % (11.2-18.1 95% C.I.) and 3.6% (2.3 - 5.6 95% C.I.) respectively.
 GAM prevalence by WHZ <-2 z-scores and/or MUAC<125 mm and/or the presence of bilateral oedema is 19.6% (17.0-22.1 95% C.I.) and SAM of 7.4% (5.7-9.1 95% C.I.) respectively
 Crude Death Rate (CDR) and Under-five Death Rate (U5DR) was at 0.50 (0.33-0.78 95% CI) and 1.61 (1.06-2.42 95% CI) respectively.
 Prevalence based on stunting was at 39.2 %( 34.6 - 44.0 95% C.I.) and severe stunting was 18.4 % ( 15.5 - 21.7 95%CI) respectively.
 Prevalence of underweight was 24.6% (20.8 - 28.7 95% C.I) and severe underweight was 8.9% (6.8 - 11.7 95% C.I ) respectively
 The nutritional status women in childbearing age based on MUAC cut off <230 mm was at 24,4%.

Sample size: 
622 households assessed with 1069 children under-5 and 723 women in childbearing age
Assessment Questionnaire: 
Available on Request
Assessment Data: 
Available on Request
Assessment Date(s): 
06 Feb 2016

Level of Representation

District / Province / Locality / County
Report completed
Unit(s) of Measurement: 
Collection Method(s): 
Structured Interview
Population Type(s): 
Children under 5
Lactating women
Pregnant women
Leading/Coordinating Organization(s): 
Action against Hunger
Participating Organization(s): 
Organization for Research and Community Development (Afghanistan)