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RAF assessment for Natural Disaster affected population in Kunar Province (27 Feb 17)


Assessment of Rain Fall affected families in (Asadabad, Marawara, Nurgal, Dara-i-Peach, Watapur, Shigal, Asmar, Dangam, Nari) districts of Kunar province.


Direct Observation

Key findings: 

According to the joint team (IOM, WFP, IMC, ANDMA) observation & physically assessment, they found 47 families eligible for HAP criteria in the above mentioned districts, who have lost their NFIs, food, Shelters as decided in OCT meeting IOM will provide NFI to Asadabad, Marawara, Nurgal districts affected families, IMC will provide NFI to Watapur, Dara-i-Peah districts affected families & ARCs will provide NFI to Shigal, Asmar, Nari, Dangam districts affected families, ANDMA will refer the caseload to WFP for food, further detail of assistance in the below paragraphs.
Team 01 IOM: According to the assessment outcomes IOM found 01-family in Nurgal, 2-families in Asadabad, 2-families in Marawara districts, total these 05 families recommended for 5-BM, 5-FM, 5-WCM & 5 food packages
Team 02 IMC: According to the assessment outcomes IMC found 04-families in Watapur, 16 Families in Dara Peach Districts, total these 16 families recommended for 16-household item kit & 16 food packages
Team 03 ARCs: According to the assessment outcomes ARCs found 10-families in Shegal, 3-families in Asmar, 6-families in Dangam, 3-families in Nari districts, total these 22 families recommended for 22-household item kits & 22 food packages, 04-Family Tents only for 4 completely destroyed families, it is worth to be mentioned there is 14 animals were killed.
Note: the recommended food packages should be provided by WFP

Assessment Report: 
Publicly Available
Assessment Questionnaire: 
Publicly Available
Assessment Data: 
Not Available
Assessment Date(s): 
22 Feb 2017 to 27 Feb 2017
Report completed
Unit(s) of Measurement: 
Collection Method(s): 
Population Type(s): 
All affected population
Leading/Coordinating Organization(s): 
International Organization for Migration
Participating Organization(s): 
International Medical Corps
Afghan Red Crescent Society
Government of Afghanistan - National Disaster Management Authority
Other location: 
Marawara, Nurgal, Watapur, Dara Peach, Shigal, Asmar, Nari, Dangam
Needs Assessment